Infant Program

At the Valley School, we pride ourselves on our cutting edge infant program for children ages 8 weeks to 18 months.  We provide a non-restrictive-response environment designed to give your infant the freedom to safely explore his or her world.  Our caring experienced teachers understand the importance of providing rich learning experiences, positive interactions, and promoting brain development through engaging play activities. We believe in the importance of early exposure to music and art.  These key elements of emotional & intellectual development are featured prominently in our Infant program.  Every classroom is equipped with state of the art materials hand selected to help build emerging skills that will prepare every infant for future learning.

In the Infant Rooms you will see:

  • Experienced, responsive teachers who know how to tune in to each individual baby to help them feel that the world is a place they can trust. 
  • A non-restrictive, responsive environment designed to give infants the chance to move freely and explore their world.
  • Materials chosen to help infants experiment and build emerging skills. (For example soft mats in varied heights for crawling and gross motor development; or sand/water tables for early sensory development) 
  • Teachers who understand the importance of and the connection between rich language experiences, positive interactions and brain development. 
  • Experience with music and art.
  • Child, Parent & Teacher partnerships and documentation that support your infants’ growth and development.