Preschool Program

The Valley School Preschool program can begin for children with ages as early as 30 months up to 36 months,  however, subject to review and dependent on their readiness.   Preschool teachers at The Valley School are experienced in nurturing and aiding in the development of children’s ideas, interests and curiosity. Preschool classrooms provide a rich natural environment where your child can experiment, create, design, explore, and expand their knowledge. Children will have access to a variety of art and music materials for creative development and self-expression. Collaborative activities will help your child build a sense of community while forming friendships and developing social skills.

One of the best features of the Preschool program is that our experienced teachers facilitate learning through the promotion of meaningful investigations that give your child the chance to ask questions, make predictions and build skills in language, reading, math and science. These investigations often result in long-term projects that give meaning to learning and allow for the children to reach a deeper understanding of their subject.

In the Pre-School Rooms you will see:

  • Teachers who are experienced in supporting preschoolers ideas, interests and curiosity about the world.
  • An environment rich in choices to give children authentic experiences and many ways to act on their ideas.
  • Materials to give your child many opportunities to experiment, create, design, explore and expand their knowledge of the world.
  • A variety of art and music materials available for self expression.
  • Children and teachers learning together through meaningful investigations which give children the chance to build language, reading, math, science, reasoning and social skills
  • Child Parent and Teacher partnerships which support the initiative and curiosity of preschoolers.