New Hire Processing and Forms

The Valley School welcomes you to join our team.  The New Hire Process requires you to download and complete each of the five following forms (download at bottom of each form).   The last requirement is to carefully read the online Valley School Employee Handbook and then sign and date the Acknowledgement Form.  Once all of the five Valley School New Hire forms are complete be sure to email them to  

  1. The New Hire Form: complete the first page with your employee information and then carefully read all of the bullet-ed information on pages 1 & 2.  Be sure to sign and date the form.
  2. Staff Health Examination Form: complete, sign and date the top portion of this form and then have your health care provider complete the information on the balance of the form with the understanding that you must have had a medical examination within six months immediately proceeding your date of hire.
  3. Child Abuse Record Information (CARI) Form: Complete the bottom of Page 1 and all of the information on page 2.  Be sure to sign and date the form.
  4. New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form: Complete the top portion of the Fingerprint Form and then schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.  Be sure to carefully read the Identification Requirements section of the form.
  5. Employee Handbook Acknowledgement Form: Once you have carefully completed reading the Valley School Employee Handbook be sure to sign and date the Acknowledgement form.

The Valley School requires that you have an NJCCIS Workforce Registry account.  If you don’t have an NJCCIS account be sure to create by going to NJCCIS and creating a new account.  If you have an account or after you create a new account be sure to select The Valley School as your employer.  This is necessary for us to validate your account.

New Hire Data Form (7)
Staff Health Examination Form (1)
Valley School CARI Form (1)
New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form (2) (1)
Acknowledgement of Employee Handbook and Employment